VAR Partnership

Make the quality of your power supply measurable with Schuecker Automation.
Since 18.03.2019 we are Siemens Advanced Partner for Power Quality. Thanks to this cooperation, we can support you with the hardware and software of the Siemens SICAM Power Quality family.

VAR partnership with Siemens

Since 18.03.2019 we have been the official VAR partner of Siemens AG Austria in the field of Power Quality.
The Siemens Power Quality family consists among others of the devices P855, Q100 and Q200.
These are certified according to the European standard EN-50160 as Class A and S.
For central administration and analysis we offer the software SICAM Power Quality System (PQS).

Why is power quality measurement important?
Complex production processes react sensitively to disturbances in the electrical power supply.
Consumers that negatively influence the power quality are detected even before the system failure.
Network-wide records facilitate analysis and troubleshooting in the event of a fault.
Detailed information on possible sources of interference can be found in the Siemens product videos.

As a VAR partner, we support our customers with the hardware and software of the SICAM Power Quality family.
We also offer personal consultation, commissioning and subsequent user training on site.