Energy management

Long-term monitoring | automatic alerting | early fault detection

Long term monitoring 

We believe that facilities and processes can always be optimized. The long-term monitoring provides important data for relevant process variables. Cost-efficiency and manufacturer-independent implementation are a central concern for us.

Long-term monitoring offers the following advantages:
• Investment base for new equipment
• Basis for funding
• Creation and verification of sector-specific key figures

Automatic Alerting 

Based on optimized long-term recordings, the introduction of an alarm system allows early detection of atypical energy flows at an early stage. As a result, varying processes or supplies that lose efficiency are detected more quickly. The aim is to react promptly and quickly to a variance and to minimize any damage.

Automatic alerting offers the following advantages:
• Increased availability
• Reduced MTTR through additional indicators / key figures
• Targeted use of the standby team
• Optimization of the maintenance strategy
• Development of an escalation plan

Early fault detection 

By combining long-term monitoring and alarming, errors can be detected at an early stage. Additional key figures derived from the process are monitored by the alarm system and report changes even before critical events occur. Additional data are required for this, and key data are specified for these processes, which enable early detection.

The early detection of faults offers the following advantages:
• Fault detection in the partial load range
• Reduction of the failure effect
• Reduced costs in maintenance
• Conversion of unplanned to planned maintenance measures